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#TheCityIsOurCampus: King's Day

Date:23 April 2018
Ain't no party like King's Day
Ain't no party like King's Day

Next Friday it’s King’s Day. That means that our #thecityisourcampus blog will be entirely King’s Day themed (you’re welcome Willem). Enjoy!

Party your butt off

It’s not King’s Day without a proper party (isn’t that the reason why you’re here?). You’ll have plenty of opportunities to party till the sun comes up: Kingsland festival, Garage Sale Party and for all (aspiring) Dutchies there’s “Heroes of Orange”. Just remember: you can’t get a hangover if you never stop partying.

The king cometh

The coolest monarch in the world (suck it England!) is coming to Groningen. He’s taking a two hour walk through the city centre, including a stop at the Academy Building. Several of our scientists will be showing off their research and work both at the Academy Square and throughout the city.

The biggest garage sale you’ll ever see

Every King’s Day people are trying to make their old crap look slightly less shitty in order to sell it for a quick buck. If you feel like buying prehistoric VHS tapes for a very low (but still too high) price, don’t miss this one. Location: everywhere in Groningen.

Play the King’s Day Games

The Dutch have invented some of the world’s most ridiculously embarrassing games. Check out our vlog to get an introduction crash course in the games and then PLAY. Remember, it’s like arguing on the internet... there are no winners. ;-)

Kingsland Festival

You’ve probably already seen all the posters hanging around the city and your friends have pestered you about going to the festival. Have you already bought your ticket? Or are you still wondering if it will live up to the hype? If being squashed by people is what you like or if you enjoy squashing others, then it is definitely THE place to be. You can dance your socks off all night at the Kingsland Festival.

Vera Garage Sale Party

You look like the type of person that loves a good garage sale, unfortunately, this is not that

Helden van Oranje (Dutch)

Helden van Oranje (Heroes of Orange) is basically the biggest Dutch karaoke party of the year. If you’re not Dutch, you probably haven’t heard any of these songs ever - all the more reason to go I say. Bring a Dutch friend and secretly film it for some excellent blackmail material.

Haven’t had enough yet? Here’s more party picks for Kingsday


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