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#TheCityIsOurCampus: 8 - 10 June

Date:07 June 2018
Always an option
Always an option

Party Picks

USVA Pre-Summer Courses

While your summer should be fully booked after reading our Summer Tips, you may stay in Groningen and want to do some USVA pre-summer courses, “Summer Dace” or “Advanced Improv Comedy”.

Rapalje Summerfolk Festival

Rapalje is one of the most famous folk bands from the Netherlands and they organise their own festival in Groningen called Zomerfolk. Rapalje is known for its hippy-like crowd and bands that describe themselves as “The most famous bagpipe band on the planet”, although it has also featured the Dubliners in the past. A slight wildcard of festival with an Irish theme that also featured workshops in Irish dancing, sword fighting and LARPing.

Cinema recommendations: Love Simon and 2001 A Space Odyssey

Two great recommendations for movie-lovers this coming weekend. The famous classic 2001: A Space Odyssey is returning to Pathé for its 50th anniversary. For those wanting to see a more conventional and modern movie, Love, Simon is premiering.

International Dinner for the Night of the Refugee

We can’t go one weekend without an International Dinner - and this special edition is for a good cause. Several international student societies and restaurants are collaborating on this dinner and there will be live music + entertainment. Good chance to mingle.

Summer Night’s Dream Ball

The PhD student society Gopher has organised a Shakespearian themed ball in the Aa-Kerk with a gala dinner, living music and dancing. Definite pro: you get to dress up!


Yes this is a thing. Apparently, it “blends the power of acrobatics, the softness of Thai-massage and the insights out of yoga“. Be sure to sign up per email rather than on the FB event. Disclaimer: we are not responsible if you achieve ultimate enlightenment and ascend to your true celestial self while doing this.

Hotdog Eating Contest

Hosted by MASMAS, this event is self-explanatory.

Enjoy your weekend - and as ever - let us know what you were up to!


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