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Summerschool Vancouver

Hi there,

Summerschool is for many the main reason to choose the Honours programme. Vancouver's Summerschool exists out of two parts: Firstly, weeks of Planologic Research in Groningen. With your focusgroup always in mind, you'll interview some persons an look at the city differently in order to find the comforts and the discomforts of the city.

After this first period and thirteen hours in two different planes, the two weeks in Canada can start. You don't have to be afraid of jetlag, you don't even have time to get one (it will be worse when you return to the Netherlands). The next morning the first walking tour starts in which you will be explained that every street has a width of 66 feet, never forget the '66 feet'.

Most classes are given in a really nice atmosphere during a biking, walking or campus tour. And the idea that you can go swimming in the Pacific Ocean afterwards, makes it even better. The tours are quite interesting to be honest. Because Vancouver has very different areas.

To get from the East Hastings Street to the beach, you'll have to cross the Trump Tower. If the skyscrapers aren't your thing, you can enjoy the silence of North Vancouver. Painful history can be found at New Westminster.

It's weird, special and interesting how this city works and is regulated. Yeah, the summerschool is not the worst. It is quite doable, as long as you have a bunch of amazing people to share it with.

Sandra Karomi

International Business student

Last modified:11 July 2022 1.52 p.m.