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Results and student experiences

The Honours Master programme is not just a year of following courses and practices. It is an experience full of benefits that will last for a long time, preparing yourself for the next chapter: working life.

Although every Honours master student composes their own programme, there is one thing all alumni agree on: being part of 'Leadership: making a difference!' will train you in a way that is new to what you have learned so far at university! Alumni share their experiences and what they have learned:

"For my Master Work I made a blueprint for a video game in which students learn about Shakespeare. I thought about all the aspects of the game: music, levels, characters, text. Everything except the part of programming. Working on this project made me really enthusiastic about all the possibilities gamification has. For this reason, in my Postmaster I chose to focus on developing teaching methods. Right now I am learning what video gaming has to offer as a teaching method. I am programming. The master work gave me an opportunity to explore my interests and take the lead in what I wanted to learn next. I really want to continue this when I start my career as a teacher.”

- Charlotte Alumnus & Teaching Postmaster


This combination of classes provided me with an abundance of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, which allowed me to gain precious insights. For instance, the notion that leadership is not taken by the individual, but rather given by the group, kept returning throughout the several master classes. What truly changed things for me, however, was realizing the power of teamwork. Specifically, the interdisciplinary nature of the programme provided me with a quite simple but crucial insight: everything is possible if you find the right people with the right skills to work with.” Read blog

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