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Application procedure

As the number of places in the Master's Honours programme is limited, admission is done by selection. The steps of the procedure are:

  1. Selection criteria
  2. How to apply?
  3. Selection procedure
  4. Application deadline master

We know it is a lot but please read it carefully! Still got questions? Contact our study advisor Derek van Zoonen via honours.advisor

1. Selection criteria


  1. Are motivated to achieve the goals of the programme: you want to develop and excel in the field of leadership and interdisciplinary approaches, and you are prepared to make extra commitments to achieve this.
  2. Meet the profile of an Honours Master's student, such as wide-ranging interests and the capacity for reflection and self-reflection; you are proactive, determined and independent.
  3. Have good oral and written skills in English. Dutch students meet this requirement if they have passed their final secondary-school examination in English. Non-Dutch students need to have passed one of these tests: a paper-based TOEFL test score of 580 (PBT), TOEFL 92 internet-based (IBT) or a computer-based TOEFL score of 237 (CBT). Equivalent test scores: IELTS 6.5, Cambridge Proficiency A, B, C (Cambridge Advanced English, CAE), a C1/C2 for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) English test.
  4. Possess a Bachelor’s degree with good to outstanding results, including a Bachelor’s thesis (or other final-year Bachelor’s project) with an above-average mark.

And of course you...

  • Are enrolled in a Master's degree programme at the University of Groningen, for the full length of the Master's Honours Programme. For exchange students it is not possible to join the programme, with some exceptions (for example an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programme). Please contact the faculty coordinator for the possibilities before handing in your application file.
  • You have the potential to complete both programmes within the specified period, i.e., two consecutive semesters. This means, if your Master's degree is a one-year programme, you will have to start with the Honours programme in the same semester as the start of your Master's degree programme. If your Master’s degree programme comprises two or more years, your Honours programme may start in another year as long as you have planned two consecutive semesters with a (nearly) full workload for both Master programmes.

2. How to apply

Please note: The application deadline to apply to the 2022/2023 Master’s Honours Programme has passed (September 16th 2022 at 4:00 PM). It is no longer possible to apply.

Your application file must include the following:

  • A brief letter of motivation in English (max. 500 words) stating why you wish to be admitted, your expectations, interests and ambitions, what you can offer the Master’s Honours programme and what you hope to gain from it.
  • A curriculum vitae, preferably including a passport photo.
  • An overview of all study results (chronologically ordered) at Bachelor level obtained so far, including the marks for examinations you have not passed.
  • At least one reference letter that will help to convince the Admissions Board that you are suited for the Master's Honours Programme. Should you not have received the reference letter(s) in time to add to your application file, please upload the file you have complied so far and indicate the letter(s) you are expecting. Once you have received the letter(s), forward them in an email to both the Honours College (, and the Honours Coordinator of your faculty.
  • Other documents relevant to your application (e.g., a certificate for a Bachelor’s Honours degree)

Please note: Upload your application file in a single file (Word or PDF format).

3. Selection procedure

  1. Based on your application file, the faculty Honours coordinator will decide whether to invite the student for an interview.
  2. Students who are not selected for an interview will be informed as soon as possible.
  3. Students who are selected for an interview will be notified of the date and time within a short period after submission.
  4. Early October, we will let you know whether you have been admitted to the Honours College. We will inform you well before the official start of the Master's Honours programme: the festive Opening Ceremony. This Opening Ceremony will take place on the 13th of October.

4. Application deadline Master

Please note: The application deadline to apply to the 2022/2023 Master’s Honours Programme has passed (September 16th 2022 at 4:00 PM). It is no longer possible to apply.

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