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Education Honours College Honours Master Honours Master 'High Tech Systems and Materials'

Application procedure

Admission to the programme is based on selection, since the number of places available is limited. In order to qualify for admission to the HTSM Master’s Honours Programme, you must meet these minimum requirements.

The Admissions Board assesses students on the following criteria:

  • study results to date
  • reasons for seeking admission to the HTSM Honours programme: the student is ambitious and wants to excel in the field of multidisciplinary, innovative high tech product development
  • potential in terms of completing the HTSM Master’s Honours Programme within the specified period of 3 semester
  • the student is keen to explore the boundaries of his/her own discipline and look beyond them
  • the student’s willingness and ability to put theory into practice
  • the student’s willingness and ability to cooperate in multidisciplinary teams
  • the student’s results on the assignment(s) on the selection day

How to apply

The application process is now closed. The deadline for the next application round for the HTSM Honours Programme will be September 2021.

To apply for a place on the HTSM Master’s Honours Programme you must submit the following documents in digital form via the Student Portal organization 'Honours College Master Selection.

It is important that all the required documents are submitted via Student Portal in a single document upload, so please make sure that all the documents are included before you carry out the upload. If your application is incomplete, it may be excluded from the selection procedure.

Your application must include the following:

  • a brief letter of explanation in English (max. 500 words) stating why you wish to be admitted, your expectations, interests and ambitions, what you think you can offer the Master’s Honours Programme and what you hope to gain from it;
  • a chronological curriculum vitae, preferably including a passport photo;
  • an overview of all results achieved thus far at the University (including the marks for examinations that you have not passed);
  • at least one reference letter that will help to convince the Admissions Board that you are suited for the Master's Honours Programme 'Leadership: making the difference!' or the High Tech Systems and Materials Honours Master;
  • other documents relevant to your application (e.g. a certificate for a Bachelor’s Honours degree).

On the basis of the dossiers submitted, students are selected for the Selection Day to conduct a selection assignment and interview with the Admissions Board. On the basis of the application files, the performance on the selection assignment and the interview, it is determined whether the student is suitable for the HTSM Master’s Honours Programme. The programme will start in October/November 2020.

Note: The application process for cohort 2020-2021 is now closed.


  1. On the basis of the written material, which must be submitted on time and in digital form on Student Portal, the Admissions Board will decide whether to invite the student for the Selection Day.
  2. Students who are not selected for the Selection Day will be informed as soon as possible.
  3. Students who are selected for the Selection Day will be notified of the date and time within a short period. After the Selection Day, we will let you know as soon as possible whether you have been admitted to the HTSM Honours Master.

Information events

On this webpage you can find more information about upcoming information meetings.

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