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Binding study advice (BSA)

The University of Groningen gives first year students a binding study advice. This means that a first year student has to earn at least three-quarter of their ECTS in the first year: forty-five out of sixty, otherwise they have to discontinue their degree. Your program keeps close track of your results and your progress. If there's reason for it you will be invited to a conversation with your study advisor. Halfway through your first year you will receive your preliminary advice and at the end of the study year you will receive your binding study advice.


  • at the end of your first year a minimum of 45 ECTS;
  • a negative BSA stays for a period of two years, starting the first of september of the following academic year;
  • a negative BSA for a degree may also count for a cluster of related degrees (providing there is at least a 70% overlap between the different first years).

In the Manual BSA all rules and regulations regarding the BSA can be found. The manual also includes topics such as planning and procedures, study support and evaluation.

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