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Explanatory notes regarding the level of the university tuition fees

In accordance with changed legislation as of 1 September 2010, students who wish to gain a second degree at the same level as their first one (i.e. they already have a Bachelor’s degree and register for another Bachelor’s degree programme, or they already have a Master’s degree and register for another Master’s degree programme) no longer qualify for statutory tuition fees.

The Dutch government will fund one Bachelor’s degree and one Master’s degree per student, which means these degrees can be gained at a low level of tuition fees (the ‘statutory tuition fees’). The actual costs of teaching incurred by the University of Groningen are much higher than the amount that students pay in the form of tuition fees. The difference is covered by the government. However, the government is of the opinion that the costs of a second degree programme should be borne by the students themselves in the form of tuition fees that cover all costs.

The University of Groningen has therefore based its univerity tuition fees on the shortfall created by the lack of government funding. The Board of the University presents the university tuition fee levels to the University Council for advice on an annual basis.
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