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Submitting documents

  • Submitting Reclaim Form Student Deposit

    You can submit your Reclaim Form Student Deposit online. If you have not received the online form, please contact the Immigration Service Desk via the contact form.

    The ISD will send you a confirmation via email once your Reclaim Form has been handled and forwarded to the financial department.
  • Submitting Student Declaration Form

    You can submit your Student Declaration Form online.
  • Submitting residence permit extension application documents

    Once you have prepared all documents, you can submit your documents via e-mail online. The link is available in the email with the subject "Apply for extension of your residence permit with the purpose of study (current student)".


    If you prefer to submit them in person, you can make an appointment.
  • Having a residence permit application checked

    The Immigration Service Desk (ISD) can check a residence permit application for you that you would normally send to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) yourself.

    Examples of such applications are:
    • Application for a permanent residence permit
    • Application for a search year or orientation year residence permit
    • Residence permit application for a newborn baby

    Once you have prepared your residence permit application, you can make an appointment with the Immigration Service Desk (ISD) to have your application checked.

  • Submitting MoMi documents

    If you have been requested to submit documents with regards to the MoMi study progress monitoring, you can deposit them documents in the red mailbox outside the Central Student Administration department on the first floor in the Academy Building. The mailbox is available during Academy Building opening hours.

    Make sure you put your documents in a sealed envelope. The envelope must show the following details: 
    • MoMi documents
    • Your name
    • Student number
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