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Dispersible radioactive materials - B

Course information
Radiation protection
Final objectives

The training meets the final objectives for the Supervisory Radiation Protection Employee in case of applications of dispersible radioactive materials at level B (VRS-B), as meant in Annex 5.2, Section E-1 of the Regulation on Basic Safety Standards Radiation Protection.

Target group

The course provides the required training for Radiation Protection Officer for dispersible radioactive materials, level B (RPO VRS-B) and overlaps to a large extent with the former Level 3 training. The RPO VRS-B supervises applications with an activity of up to 2000 Reing.

Learning objectives

After successful completion, the RPO VRS-B has the following skills:

  1. He supervises the application for which he is responsible, he enforces the relevant laws and regulations in the field of ionizing radiation, and he gives advice to the employees.
  2. He contributes to an adequate handling of an unintended event or incident.
  3. He actively improves his own expertise through further training, and that of others for whom he is responsible by providing information and instructions.
  4. He possesses knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences relating to dispersible radioactive materials.

The training for RPO VRS-B is identical to that for Radiation Protection Expert (RPE). However, the RPO VRS-B does not have to register to perform his function.

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