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Niels, Business Administration

Niels van de Gronden
Niels van de Gronden

What is the best way to sell stuff? How do you win a game? The key: being able to negotiate with people in a good way. This is what I really liked when I was young and these aspects are reflected in my study Business Administration.

In high School I made several tests which showed studies related to my interests and I had some conversations with teachers about it. This didn’t help me a lot, in contrast to the talks I had with my friends, family and most importantly students. By visiting open days and student for a days, you will able to speak with students who already made their study choice, which is very helpful. Don’t forget to ask what is less attractive in their studies, because you also need to deal with that. After visiting several universities, I was determined to study in the most favored student city of the Netherlands: Groningen.

In my first year, I joined a student association and moved to an active student house. This has been really nice and really shaped my student life.

In the last years, I have become very interested in other disciplines as well. Therefore, I decided to study some courses in International Relations and International Organizations (IRIO). The third year is perfect for something like this, because most studies offer a minor in the program.

At last, I want to wish you good luck with finding a study which fits your interests. If you have any questions about finding a study, feel free to send me a message and perhaps I could help you finding one! See you in Groningen.

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