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Deborah, University College

Deborah Fidder
Deborah Fidder

Hi! My name is Deborah and I am currently a third year at University College Groningen. I have many different interests and therefore I never really knew what I wanted to major in. After graduating from high school I decided to go to the United States for one year. When coming back to the Netherlands I studied at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, majoring in International Communication. I received my propaedeutic diploma and enrolled for the study Liberal Arts & Sciences at the University College Groningen.

What I like about the University College is that you are able to form your own diploma, and therefore you can combine all your interests. That gives you a lot of freedom. Currently I am in my third year and I am majoring in humanities- this means I take classes in philosophy, media, history, sociology and journalism. Next to that, UCG offers different project every year and I have been taking projects regarding education. The way of teaching at University

College is, in comparison to other studies, more practical. Usually I only get graded by forms of presentations, essays and debates instead of exams. During the first year of your studies you live at campus with your peers, and therefore you know pretty much everyone. The building where we get taught (the faculty) is a really nice place where there is always someone to talk to- whether you are coming to study or just to have a cup of coffee. I believe Groningen is the perfect place to study as there are so many opportunities for students, and there is always something to do. In a short time you will know the city and you will feel like you are at home!

Good luck with your finals, and hopefully I will see you around in Groningen.

For questions you can always contact me.

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