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Workshop inclusive leadership


Inclusive leadership fosters diversity. By creating a team environment in which all forms of talent are recognized and appreciated, people feel valued, involved and useful. Integrity and authenticity are encouraged and people’s differences are used to achieve a maximal result.


Developing your inclusive leadership style.

'How do you ensure an inclusive environment in your team (and what doesn't help)?.

Intended for

Managers of academic and support staff


Self-reflection, social and cultural awareness, communication


During the workshop on inclusive leadership, the following aspects will be covered:

●       The strategic added value and revenue of diversity and inclusivity
●       How you can create an inclusive environment within your own team
●       Awareness of your own and collective biases, the impact of these on others and how to deal with this
●       Concrete tips for inclusive behaviour


Sandra Doelman and/or Helene Borgman from Talent to the Top


New data will be announced as soon as possible.

If you are interested in this training you can send an e-mail to where you express your interest. You will receive an e-mail if the dates for this training are known.


€ 500,-


Maximum number of participants



Harrianne ter Meer

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