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Flowchart: Diversity & Inclusion at the UG

Who, what, and where?
Cartoon image of a diverse group of people

It is of paramount importance that our staff and students feel welcome and safe at our University. Becoming the diverse and inclusive community we aspire to be is an ongoing work in progress. At the same time, lifelong learning is a task for all of us. There is a lot going on regarding ‘diversity and inclusion’ within the UG: at the policy level, in our range of support and advice, and in courses and training programmes, at both a central level and within faculties and departments.

Because we are such a large organization, finding the answer to your question: ‘Where can I go for...?’ may not be so easy. Moreover, the terms ‘inclusion’ and ‘diversity’ can cover many different topics with various meanings. The flowchart below contains the most prominent diversity and inclusion initiatives across the UG.

The flowchart is a living document: this means that it will continue to evolve as new initiatives emerge or when adjustments are made. And the flowchart belongs to all of us: everyone is invited to provide input to keep it up to date. Together, we can foster diversity and inclusion within our open academic community. If you have any questions or input, please send an email to

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