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Inclusive recruitment training

Learn how to create an open, transparent, and merit-based recruitment process

Your ability to recruit and select talent in an inclusive way has a direct impact on the quality and diversity of your team. Successful inclusive recruitment helps you to build better-performing and more diverse teams. It is a key driver for innovation, development, and engagement. An inclusive culture attracts and retains a wider diversity of talent. How do you minimize barriers? How do you promote your faculty or service unit as inclusive and welcoming? How do you attract people with the right skill sets, regardless of their backgrounds? You will learn this during three two-hour sessions.


In this workshop, you will learn how you —as a member of a recruitment committee— can contribute to conducting an open, transparent, merit-based recruitment process. You will also learn how to deal with complex decision-making processes that involve members of different hierarchical levels and with different interests.


We will work with UG practice-based case studies. As an equal opportunity employer, the UG values diversity and inclusion. Therefore, we have adopted a hiring policy aimed at increasing the diversity of staff across all disciplines of the University. Our selection procedures follow the guidelines of the Application code of the NVP and the European Commission's European Code of Conduct for recruitment of researchers (OTM-R).

✓ self-reflection
✓ interpersonal sensitivity and skills
✓ communication skills
✓ organizational sensitivity


During the training, you will:
✓ Gain awareness of your own conscious and unconscious biases and stereotypes.
✓ Learn how unconscious biases have an impact on the recruitment process.
✓ Learn to identify and respond correctly to unfair and unconscious bias.
✓ Learn how to conduct the recruitment process according to the UG recruitment guide.
✓ Identify best practices for your own role and sphere of influence in the recruitment process.
✓ Acquire confidence in managing your own bias in interviews or decision-making.
✓ Practice inclusive interview skills.
✓ Obtain practical tools to take with you and apply in your day-to-day work.

More information


Chairs and members of selection committees

Group size

Around 8 participants




For more information on costs, contact Anita Wagner


Three sessions of two hours spread over six weeks


Groningen, on site or online, depending on the availability of the trainers and/or the wishes of the participants


Our trainers work at the University of Groningen

More information

Anita Wagner, HR Experts

The training course is available as an in-company group training course for a faculty or department. Do you want to request a training course? Send an email to hr-experts

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