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Senior Teaching Qualification (STQ)

Twice a year, faculty boards nominate qualified teachers to partake in the Senior Teaching Qualification programme (STQ) of the University of Groningen. A STQ candidate contributes to policy regarding the faculty, the curriculum and the field of study, and promotes coherence and coordination in the implementation of teaching. The STQ programme is intended for experienced teachers who:

  1. have the ambition to lead educational improvement projects in their faculty/department/programme; and
  2. stand out due to their commitment and dedication to high-quality education.

Practical information


Run 24-25 (English programme)
25 April 2024 (9.30-17.00)
13 June 2024 (9.30-17.00)
11 July 2024 (9.30-17.00)
19 September 2024 (9.30-17.00)
7 November 2024 (9.30-13.00)
12 December 2024 (9.30-17.00)
6 February 2024 (9.30-13.00)
STQ Symposium TBA

Time investment

Participants are expected to be able to invest sufficient time in both the STQ on-site workshop days as well as the project to be contributed.

90 hours (programme: 40 hours; peer feedback sessions: 15 hours; preparation: 35 hours). This does not include the time spent working on the STQ improvement project.

Participating in all meetings is mandatory.

Number of participants

Max. 14 participants

Main language



Participants will be awarded a STQ certificate upon positive assessment of their STQ portfolio and a final presentation about their project during a symposium.

Who can join?

To be eligible for participation in the programme, teachers need to have an appointment of 0,4 fte or more and have taught at university level for at least 4 years, after obtaining the UTQ. Furthermore, the implementation of an improvement project is an important part of the Senior Teaching Qualification. Participants must have (or be given) responsibility for an improvement project that takes place at programme level that is in line with the strategy of the UG or faculty/program.

Before attending the STQ programme, there will be an intake interview with the STQ candidate. The purpose of this interview is to inform the candidate about the STQ programme, to discuss their ideas for the improvement project, and to clarify mutual expectations.

Contents of the STQ programme

The programme is characterized by content-related meetings on strategic education-related themes. These full-day sessions involve interaction with experts (both external as well as within the UG) and peer feedback sessions on participants’ own improvement projects.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the STQ programme, the STQ candidate:

  • is expected to possess the four quality requirements for Senior Teaching Qualification of the University of Groningen (in the subsequent information section);
  • will have successfully implemented an educational improvement project (innovation plan implemented);
  • will have developed a network of colleagues within the RUG who deal with the same roles and themes.

Quality requirements

Upon completion of the STQ programme, the STQ candidate is expected to possess the four quality requirements for Senior Teaching Qualification of the University of Groningen:

  1. Development of a vision on teaching;
  2. Innovation in teaching;
  3. Testing, evaluation and quality assurance;
  4. Curriculum coordination and coaching.
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