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MBTI personality test

Identify your strengths and behavioural preferences with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

Which choices do you make and why? How do you deal with certain situations? How do you take decisions? How do you organize your work and your personal life? In which environments do you come into your own, and in which do you not? How do you react to stress and change? How can the answers to these questions help you in your current job and future career?

The MBTI personality test helps you to identify your strengths and to describe who you are as a person. The MBTI has been around for more than fifty years and is a widely used personality test that has been subject to extensive research.


The purpose of the MBTI is to identify who you are and what drives you. Are you more an extrovert or an introvert? How do you take decisions? How do you absorb information? How do you deal with the world around you? The MBTI questionnaire and the consultation will give you a better understanding of who you are as a person and what your behavioral preferences are. Besides providing an insight into your own strengths and what motivates you, the MBTI also reveals where improvements can be made.


After completing one of the two questionnaires and a consultation with one of our certified advisors, you will be able to identify your preferred styles. The MBTI process will give you:

✓ understanding and recognition
✓ additional insights into, for example, cooperation
✓ appreciation of differences between people
✓ an understanding of how different types can complement each other in a team
✓ guidance for your personal development

At the University of Groningen, we use the MBTI

  • As part of your individual career path to, for example, explore which work environment is most suitable for you.
  • As part of coaching processes, for example at the start.
  • During team projects, to identify the preferred styles of each of the team members and how this may affect collaboration and the development of a vision, for example.
  • During career training, to discover the areas and contexts in which your strengths and preferences come into their own, for example.
You can also use the MBTI to improve your working relationships, to facilitate change processes, and to improve your interpersonal communication skills.

More information

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a system for classifying differences in people’s personalities. It is based on a questionnaire and was designed by two psychologists (Myers and Briggs), for which they drew on the theory of the Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung.

What to expect:

  • an introductory session with a certified advisor
  • filling in the basic or in-depth questionnaire
  • a consultation (and if you do the in-depth questionnaire, a written report)

You can complete the basic questionnaire (step 1) in writing, after which you will discuss the results with your advisor. The in-depth questionnaire (step 2) can be completed online. In addition to the consultation, you will also receive an automatically generated report of your MBTI results.


This test is available in both Dutch and English.


Basic questionnaire and consultation: €125

More in-depth questionnaire, report, and consultation: €250

If you have any questions or if you want to make an appointment, please contact:

Liesbeth Volbeda
Senior careers advisor and trainer / HR Development
+31 (0)50 36 38 634

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