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An eye for social safety

A practical training course for managers

In your role as a manager, how do you ensure social safety in your team? How do you give shape to policy in this area? How do you respond to reports of unacceptable behaviour? What are your tasks and responsibilities? Who can you turn to for help? The training ‘An eye for social safety’ will provide you with answers to these questions. Since managers’ schedules are probably already busy enough, we are now offering a shortened version of the training course, which normally lasts a full day.

It is important to feel socially safe in your workplace, and in your role as a manager you can contribute to your staff members feeling socially safe. This training offers a mix of creating awareness, providing information, and practising conversations with an actor. In this way, you will gain insight into what you can do to increase social safety, by responding adequately and working preventively.


The aim of this training course is to raise awareness of your role as a manager and possibilities with regard to social safety by discussing, reflecting, practising, and exchanging information and knowledge. You will be given tools to start a conversation with staff members who are in any way experiencing a lack of perceived social safety, and you will have the opportunity to practice this dialogue.


Items covered (amongst others):

  • Signalling undesirable behaviour: examples from practice.
  • Delving deeper into the topics of (sexual) intimidation, bullying and discrimination.
  • The inclusive organisation.
  • Leadership = setting a good example.
  • Tasks and responsibilities of managers.
  • Recognising and acknowledging power gaps, handling power and power gaps with integrity.
  • How to start the conversation.

Competences: Leadership, Communication, Social awareness, Self-reflection, Empathic ability.

More information

Date and time

This training has yet to be scheduled. If you are interested in this training, you can send an e-mail to hr-experts in which you express your interest. You will then receive an e-mail when the date for this training is known.


Target group

Managers (from both support - and academic staff)

Group size

Maximum of 12 participants

Language of instruction



€ 300,- (including coffee/tea and lunch from 1pm - 2pm)


Drs Joanke Visser, specialized trainer of agency Bezemer & Schubad

More information

Marloes Siccama

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