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Academic leadership


Academic Leadership at the University of Groningen


  • What if I take a completely different approach?
  • How to be a manager and a top academic at the same time?

During this 2x2-day programme you will define your personal management style and learn to apply it as effectively as possible. The course will concentrate on practising with everyday samples from actual practice, for the most part brought along by you and the other participants. We will also examine ‘how the Dutch work’: what’s different about the Dutch work and organizational culture.


After the training course, you will know what coaching management and situational leadership is. In addition, you will have gained insight into your own coaching skills and understand the dilemmas involved in being a coach and a manager. Above all, you will be more aware of your own management style and will know how to use this as the basis for further development as a coaching manager. You will also gain insight into the peculiarities of the Dutch academic organizational culture.

Intended for

All academic staff with leadership responsibilities.


Result-orientation, self-reflection, social awareness.


Examples of subjects include:

  • Influence styles: You will receive information on different influence styles and you will practise with these styles to test their effectiveness.
  • Leadership skills: Which discussion styles match the various influence styles? You will receive feedback on your coaching management skills.
  • Situational leadership: How responsible are your staff and what effect does this have on your leadership style? You will practise with actual cases from your own daily practice.
  • Your own style: qualities, preferences and pitfalls
  • Change management: Why are people often reluctant to change? What happens during change processes and how can you respond to this?
  • Organization diagnosis and strategy
  • ‘How the Dutch work’. How is the Dutch university organizational culture structured, and what effect does this have on how you communicate with your staff?


Ben Verheijden, Verheijdenadvies

Marloes Siccama, Project manager


- four days -

Thursday 19 and Friday 20 March 2020
Thursday 14 and Friday 15 May 2020


Rietland, Oosterseweg 62, 9785 TB Zuidwolde

Course fee

€ 1.200,-

Maximum number of participants



Marloes Siccama

Extra information


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