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About us Campus Fryslân University College Fryslân: Global Responsibility & Leadership Academic Programme

Overview curriculum

Top rated programme
Top rated programme

In the Global Responsibility & Leadership curriculum you will take a number of compulsory courses and combine this with the freedom to design your own programme through one of three Major tracks. All students will take the courses outlined in the table below. The exact order of the courses is dependent on the final timetable.

GRL Programme overview 2022
GRL Programme overview 2023-2024

Major tracks

  • Energy, Ecology and Climate
    Coordinator: prof. Anne Beaulieu
    The changing climate is one of the biggest threats to development and impacts the most vulnerable peoples and ecosystems on the planet. The aim of this major is to connect complex issues to an understanding of Earth System Science, Environmental Science, Energy Transition and Science and Technology Studies. If you choose the Energy, Ecology and Climate Major, you will learn about the Earth System and climate change and environmental degradation; the dynamics of energy systems at different scales; the current challenges for biodiversity & sustainability. You will also learn about interactions between SDGs, about how to connect interdisciplinary scientific knowledge relevant to global challenges, about the role of data science & socio-political dimensions of sustainability, and about transition theory.
  • Psychology and Global Health
    Coordinator: dr. Josefine Geiger
    Human behaviour is one of the leading causes of global challenges, and these challenges in turn affect individual and collective well-being. If you choose Psychology and Global Health as your major, you will gain an understanding of the (human-driven) antecedents of global challenges and you will learn how to reflect on the interaction between individual and contextual factors that affect behaviour, and the real opportunities for decision-making (e.g. cultural, social, and institutional influences). In addition, we will equip you with the necessary tools (theories, methods, approaches) to develop solutions and interventions addressing the SDGs, to help improve collective and individual well-being.
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics
    Coordinator: dr. Elise Rouméas
    Solving the global challenges requires adequate policy frameworks with accountable, and transparent institutions at all levels. This is what you will learn in the Major Politics, Philosophy and Economics. The aim of this major is to help you develop the knowledge and tools to understand and research the complex systems of power, democracy, institutions, societal change, economics and policy. In addition, you will gain insight into their mutual connection and relation to the other GRL tracks, and in relation to your own place within these systems.

Skills Lab

Coordinator: dr. Pelin Gül
The Skills Lab provides you with competencies you need as a bachelor of science graduate and prepares you for a professional career in any realm of society. As such, the Skills Lab does not only provide you with a strong foundation in academic communication and research methodology, but it also teaches you intercultural communication and collaboration skills which you will need to succeed in our present diverse environment. In the Leadership Lab you will furthermore learn about different dimensions of leadership and how to develop your personal leadership capabilities, and in our second-year Ethics course, you get acquainted with key ethical theories that underpin both age-old as well as current-day ethical dilemmas. In short, the Skills Lab will train you for an academic career, help you determine your own position in the world, and develop yourself as a responsible leader.

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