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Campus FryslânUniversity College Fryslân: Global Responsibility & LeadershipAcademic Programme

Overview curriculum

In the Global Responsibility & Leadership curriculum you will take a number of compulsory courses and combine this with the freedom to design your own programme through the Major tracks. All students will take the courses outlined in the table below. However, the exact order of the courses is dependent on the final timetable.

  • Year 1
    - Foundation: the first year consists of introductory courses in Political Science, Economics, Psychology, Earth & Environment, Global Health and Information Technology (programming and data science)
    - Skills Lab: the first year is an introduction to Fundamentals of Academic Communication, Language and Culture and Statistics
    At the end of the first year, you choose your preferred major, in close consultancy with your Academic Advisor. Majors: Responsible Planet, Responsible Governance, Responsible Humanity
  • Year 2
    - Interdisciplinary courses chosen in Major (check overview of what your curriculum could look like, depending on the Major of your choice)
    Living Lab project
  • Year 3
    - Minor: the third year minor gives you the opportunity to individualise your programme even further. Most students will opt for an exchange semester at a university abroad, but you can also use the minor to do an internship or to fulfil pre-master requirements within another Faculty at the UG or another university in the Netherlands or abroad
    Interdisciplinary courses chosen in Major
    Capstone: you complete the third year with a Capstone project, which is the academic culmination of your degree. The Capstone meets the standards and requirements of (semi-independent) academic research, but does not have to take the form of a traditional thesis. You are encouraged to decide for yourself how to complete your degree and to present the project in a creative way, for example by developing an app, filming a public service announcement, designing a product, writing a policy paper, creating a theatre production or conducting a second Living Lab project.

Year 1

Term 1 Politics, Power & International Responsibility Introduction to Programming Academic Communication I
Term 2 Principles of Economics Explaining Human Behaviour Language & Culture I
Term 3 Introduction to Global Health The Earth System Statistics I
Term 4 Introduction to Data Science Major Major

Year 2

Term 5 Major Major Leadership Lab
Term 6 Major Major specialisation: Ethics & Global Responsibility Qualitative Methods I
Term 7 Major Living Lab project Language & Culture II
Term 8 Major Statistics

Year 3

Term 9 Minor (for example: semester abroad or pre-master)
Term 10
Term 11 Major Capstone project Major
Term 12 Major Major

* Literature list term 1

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