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Campus FryslânUniversity College Fryslân: Global Responsibility & LeadershipAcademic Programme

Living Lab

The Living Lab project is a unique feature of the Global Responsibility & Leadership programme and provides you with the opportunity to apply your academic knowledge and skills in the real world.

Real-world questions

During the Living Lab project, you work together with private and public stakeholders and learn how to translate a real-world question into a question suited for academic research, do the research, and then translate your findings back into recommendations for the stakeholder. As such, the Living Lab project creates a win-win situation: you learn how to apply your academic knowledge in actual, real-life contexts and develop related skills (communication, collaboration, problem-solving, research) whereas public and private stakeholders get to work with talented young people that are able to provide insight into questions important for the region.

Examples of Living Lab projects

  • Collaborate with the city of Leeuwarden to create social innovations to improve liveability in economically poor neighbourhoods
  • Address governance issues concerning greying in rural Hebei, a Northern province of China
  • Work on sustainable tourism in the Wadden area
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