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The University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân, in co-operation with the Global Center on Adaptation, have developed two online courses in Climate Adaptation Governance: Making Climate Adaptation Happen and Governing Urban Adaptation

Are you interested in specializing in Climate Adaptation? Then also take a look at the MSc Cultural Geography, track in Climate Adaptation Governance

Online Courses in Climate Adaptation Governance

MOOC 1:  Making Climate Adaptation Happen: Governing Transformation Strategies for Climate Change. This course will emphasize the implementation of adaptive governance strategies to tackle the issue of climate change, using encompassing practical examples.

MOOC 2: Governing Urban Adaptation. This course aims to give you the necessary expertise to analyze the integrated human, ecological, and physical processes shaping climate related risks in urban environments. Particular emphasis will be given to the governance aspects of urban infrastructure development and urban resilience.

How does it work?

The above mentioned courses are developed by the University of Groningen together with the Center on Climate Adaptation, and offered to you via the online platform Future Learn. There are 2 options you can choose from:

  1. Online course(s): You can follow the online courses for free.

2. Online course(s) with a certificate of achievement: a fee will allow you to receive a certificate for these courses, issued via FutureLearn.

Time investment

The time investment is approximately 3-4 hours per week/one month for the online courses and one week (fulltime) if you opt for the Summer School.

Is this for me?

These courses are developed for current and future environmental policy professionals working in both the public and private sectors. It will also appeal to students or professionals interested or working in political science, environmental management, risk management, governance studies, and other related social science fields.

How can I sign up?

Join course 1 to get the basics or sign up for course 2.

Climate Adaptation Governance at masters level

Join the MSc Cultural Geography, with a track in Climate Adaptation Governance. Cultural Geography studies the mutual shaping of human societies and our natural surroundings into cultural landscapes.  Sign up for the newsletter MSc Cultural Geography/Climate Adaptation Governance to stay up to date.


If you have questions about the climate adaptation courses or MSc Cultural Geography/Climate Adaptation Governance then please contact cf-masters

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