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Sabine van de Beek

Faculty of Economics and Business

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in International Business, Sabine van de Beek first enrolled in a Master's in Philosophy, Science and Humanities at the Faculty of Philosophy, but after a year, she decided to combine this degree programme with a Research Master’s programme at the Faculty of Economics and Business. As part of her Master’s thesis, she is currently researching the effect of virtual reality experiences offered during breaks on the mental health of employees. She plans to expand on this research in a PhD research project for which she has already been promised a position. In parallel with her two Master’s degree programmes, Sabine is also active at the Groningen Student Rowing Association Gyas, among other things as a member of the Sustainability Committee and the External Contact Committee, but also by helping to set up a fund-raising campaign for Ukraine. She served as a student member of the Board of Appeal for Examinations, and she works as a student assistant at the Department of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management, and as a research assistant for Professor Jessica de Bloom.

Sabine gave a clear pitch, in which she eloquently elaborated on her motivation and interests.

Sabine van de Beek
Sabine van de Beek
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