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Mink Sieders

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Mink Sieders is a second-year Master’s student in Biomolecular Sciences, and with an average mark of 8.8, he is undoubtedly heading towards a cum laude. Mink is also enrolled in the MSc Honours Leadership programme. The two enclosed recommendation letters from his lecturers were very positive, and I would like to quote part of the last paragraph of Siewert-Jan Marrink’s letter: ‘His CV confirms the impression that he is a multi-talented student, who has an already impressive list of extracurricular activities and honours programmes, and is engaged in the wider academic community. It is clear to me that Mink will grow into a leadership role sooner rather than later.’ The enclosed reviews of his Master’s colloquium, for which he was awarded a 9.5/10, were exceptionally positive. He is currently completing part of his Master’s degree programme with a top research group in Cambridge—partly funded with grants he applied for and won, including a GUF MSc Travel Grant— which shows that Mink is successfully making choices to further his development. In addition to his studies, he worked as a student assistant on a number of course units, was involved in the Groningen team for the iGEM competition, served on the Faculty Council, and was active within a committee of the student association Albertus Magnus. Outside the University, he was active as a language ambassador (to combat low literacy), and held a position at the local Public Health Service (GGD) in the context of measures against the coronavirus.

The jury found his pitch remarkable due to his infectious enthusiasm for his research (optimizing enzyme activity). His way of presenting took his listeners into his fascination with research and the use of innovative techniques.

Mink Sieders
Mink Sieders
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