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Mandipa Lecha

Campus Fryslân

Mandipa demonstrates not only her appreciation for what she receives from the University, but also her willingness to give back as much as she can, to the University and society. Her degree programme in Global Responsibility and Leadership is a perfect fit, and she excels at it. She is also doing very well at the Honours College. In the context of the latter, she took part in a Living Lab Research Topic at Chapter Zero Netherlands (CZ-NL). CZ-NL is the Dutch branch of the Climate Governance Initiative, a network movement that works in collaboration with the World Economic Forum to help companies achieve CO2-neutral business operations. The objective is to ensure that the business community cooperates in achieving the Paris climate objectives. CZ-NL was founded by two companies (Deloitte, Baker McKenzie) and the University of Groningen. The research Mandipa did for CZ-NL was highly valued (mark 9.2/10) and earned her a placement as a Sustainability Intern at Deloitte Risk Advisory, Ltd, where she also did extremely well. The highlight of her work in this field was when, as an active representative and support in setting up the project management organization of CZ-NL, she was invited to attend the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) by the UG, Deloitte, and Harvey Christophers. Mandipa also volunteered at We Are Tomorrow Global Partnership (WAT-GP), and she was active at the Nobis Cura Futuri Study Association, the study association of CF.

Her pitch on sustainability, circular economy, climate change and our responsibility in these processes was initially a bit too general, but in the fascinating ensuing discussion, Mandipa recovered and showed the jury that she does indeed have an excellent vision on this topic, as stated in her CV.

Mandipa Lecha
Mandipa Lecha
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