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Giulia Quagliozzi

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Giulia finances her studies herself and is extremely motivated to make the most of this period— an endeavour in which she is very successful. She graduated summa cum laude (average mark of 9.2/10) from her Bachelor’s programme in Psychology, earning a distinction for the Bachelor’s thesis she wrote as part of her additional Honours programme, and for which she was awarded a mark of 10/10. She continues to collect extremely high marks in her Research Master’s, currently averaging 9/10. Giulia is also active on the programme committee of the Research School for Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN) and she works as a student assistant in a course unit at the Faculty of Spatial Sciences. Giulia was nominated by one of her lecturers, who wrote a very positive letter of recommendation about her work.

In her pitch, Giulia elaborated on her research, in which she uses a unique set of images, which she designed herself with the help of AI, to investigate people’s memory. Apparently, her research has allowed her to track a very special form of long-term memory. Her findings are now being explored further and are expected to culminate in a publication. At the biennial winter conference of the Dutch Society for Brain and Cognition, she already had the opportunity to give a well-received presentation on this topic. The pitch she gave to the jury was also well put together, and in the ensuing discussion she showed herself to be in full control of her material.

Giulia Quagliozzi
Giulia Quagliozzi
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