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Adam Bahelka

University College Groningen

Since the start of his studies, Adam Bahelka has been fascinated by the possibilities of applying artificial intelligence (AI) to economic issues. He is giving this fascination form by combining the AI programme with many course units in economics. He is currently in his third year, takes many more course units than the compulsory curriculum (180 EC in his first two years), has an average mark of 8.5, and is enrolled in the Honours programme. In short, Adam is a motivated, hard-working student who excels in what he does. Within the research he conducted as part of his studies, he was also involved in applying machine learning to predict the structure of a metalloprotein. The results were eventually presented at Yale University and City College New York. Following a course in econometrics in which he studied various types of discrimination, he opted for a placement which aimed to create better gender inclusion within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education. For him and his team, this culminated in a poster, website, and nomination for the 2024 Ben Feringa Impact Award.

Alongside his studies, Adam is also active in a number of paid and unpaid positions. For example, he was part of the Brightspace support team (also as coordinator for UCG), and he worked as a Student Buddy at the UCG Admissions Office, a mentor for first-year students, and a Data Science intern at the largest Slovak bank during the summer months. Adam served on the Faculty Council as a secretary, and he was a member of the advisory board of Caerus (UCG's student association). He was also a member of the debating club Kalliope, taking part in several tournaments, and serving on the jury of international debating tournaments.

Adam gave an enthusiastic pitch on the application of AI models to questions concerning inflation in the eurozone. He plans to continue his studies at the prestigious ETH in Zurich (Switzerland).

Adam Bahelka
Adam Bahelka
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