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Hubert Matuszewski

Campus Fryslân

Hubert Matuszewski is a Master’s student in Voice Technology, he is enrolled in the Honours College, and takes part in The London Story (TLS). In the context of the latter, this is a platform that resides in the UK, but is mostly focused on India. Here Hubert specializes in analysing hate messages on Twitter. He does so by searching large online databases using new, machine learning-based search engines. His analyses the results in infographics that raise awareness around the dangers lurking behind the unfortunately often coordinated spreading of disinformation and aggressive hate speech.

Hubert is very broadly oriented, both within and beyond his degree programme. For example, he works as a teaching assistant for the Calculus-2 course of the University College Groningen, he is a student ambassador at Campus Fryslân, he is enrolled in both the Bachelor’s and the Master’s Honours Programme, he completes an extracurricular course on entrepreneurship, and he was able to take parts of his degree programme in France, Germany, and Spain thanks to the Erasmus+ programme.

Hubert has an average mark of 9.4, already has a number of publications to his name, and has won many prizes over the years. His excellent pitch made a strong impression on the jury.

Hubert Matuszewski
Hubert Matuszewski
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