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Yoram Sennekool

University College Groningen

Yoram Sennekool stands out for everything he has done to help the University College Groningen community. After a period as an active member of the programme committee, he took on the role of student assessor of the Faculty Board. This was a challenging job that required good leadership qualities, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. According to the nomination letter, Yoram fulfilled this task admirably and soon earned a reputation as someone who you could always rely on, whatever the problem. This was very much appreciated. After his term as a student assessor, Yoram formulated a plan to improve support for students with eating disorders and other food-related issues. Although prompted by personal experiences, the fact that his plan was included in general Faculty policy was quite unique.

Despite spending so much time and effort on the Faculty community, Yoram has not neglected his studies. On the contrary, he graduated from his degree programme with excellent marks. Yoram wrote an impressive Bachelor’s thesis about the philosophy of physics after following various seminars at our University and universities in Bergen, Bristol and Oxford. This is a sign of his broad vision. The jury was also very impressed by the conceptual level of his pitch.

Yoram found the seminars at the University of Oxford so inspiring that he decided to apply for a place in the Master’s degree programme in Philosophy of Physics there. His application for this prestigious degree programme has been accepted.

Yoram Sennekool
Yoram Sennekool
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