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Audrey Achieng

Faculty of Arts

Audrey Achieng wrote a short but inspiring letter of motivation and her pitch was also clear, concise and very much to the point. She is determined to build bridges in the areas where cultures meet mindset, thereby improving the world. ‘Take the initiative’ is her motto.

As well as achieving good results in her studies (first a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and International Organization, and now a Master’s degree in International Security), she has undertaken numerous extracurricular activities. For example, she followed and passed the Honours Master’s programme. Her chosen subjects for her Leadership Lab and Masterwork (Creating a Global Engagement and Diversity and Inclusion in Academia), were perfectly suited to her degree programme and her level of social engagement.

Audrey is the initiator of the Initiative for Diversity, Empowerment and Awareness (IDEA), a socially engaged student movement that operates both online and off line. This initiative has been in the spotlight since Audrey presented it during the UG’s anniversary celebrations.

Audrey has a unique commitment to international matters. She refers to herself as German-Kenyan, is following an internationally oriented degree programme and has a lot of genuine international experience, including an exchange semester at the Gadjah Mada University in Indonesia, a year in Peru working as a social volunteer and a part in historical and political exchange programmes with Poland and Israel/Palestine. She intends to continue this international path into the future, as she has plans to do a placement in Boston after she graduates (concerning sustainable paths to peace) and a Master’s degree in London (concerning violence, conflict and development). Her ambition is to carry out PhD research in the field of international security and development.

Audrey Achieng
Audrey Achieng
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