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Sven Schreurs

Faculty of Arts
Sven Schreurs

Sven Schreurs is a research Master’s student in Modern History and International Relations who has a passion for Sweden and research. He completed his Bachelor’s degree programme in European Languages and Cultures (specializing in Swedish languages and European politics) cum laude and also participated in the Honours programme.
In addition to this excellent performance, plus the very challenging extra work for the Honours programme, he has worked on a number of important extracurricular issues. He has been involved in the Student Association for International Relations (SIB) since the start of his studies. In the year 2017/2018, he held a full-time position on the board of the SIB, and he was responsible, as Commissioner for Substantive Activities, for the lectures, debates and conferences for members and the general public that SIB organises on a weekly basis.
Sven is also a prolific writer of articles about political issues. Last year, he won the Clingendael Spectator student competition with a column on EU migration policy. More recently, he and others have worked on an article on international COVID-19 statistics for the politicology blog ‘StukRoodVlees’.
In the context of a research project on right-wing populism, nostalgia and the welfare state, he is currently working, with others, on a publication in a highly regarded specialist journal.
After his Master's degree programme, Sven hopes to start his PhD project; he would like to continue in academics. The jury was impressed by his commitment and performance, and is convinced that he will succeed.

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