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Michiel van Huizen

Faculty of Law
Michiel van Huizen

Michiel van Huizen is a third-year Bachelor’s student specializing in Dutch law. So far, he has achieved exceptionally high marks and his average of 9.2 puts him on a clear path towards summa cum laude. The letter of recommendation by the faculty, about his research internship with Prof. Wolswijk at the Department of Criminal Law and Criminology, was a glowing review of his work. Michiel himself is most proud of the comparative methodology article he wrote for the Honours programme. He was awarded a perfect 10 for that effort.
Of course, the jury was very impressed by these exceptional academic results, but as Michiel himself points out in his letter of motivation, there are other things of interest in the life of a student. When we look at that, it is clear that Michiel is also very active outside the degree programme, and excels at the things he does.
He has followed the Honours programme, including a Summer School in Shanghai, has been active as a volunteer at the Groningen legal aid centre, is the General Secretary of Jonge Democraten Groningen, was a student assistant and is a member of the MarcKrant committee (law review) for the study association for state and administrative law ‘Frederik van der Marck’. He writes articles about the state and administrative law for the MarcKrant.
Michiel wants to use the GUF-100 award for comparative law research. He prefers to set up and implement this professionally himself, but also wisely acknowledges opportunities to do so with a comparative law researcher at the university.

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