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Maurice Oosterveld

Faculty of Spatial Sciences
Maurice Oosterveld

Maurice Oosterveld is taking the ‘double degree’ Master's degree programme of the UG (MSc Environmental Infrastructure Planning) and the University of Oldenburg (MSc Water and Coastal Management), where he achieves very high marks for both elements, working towards a cum laude result. He has also developed many additional activities to, as he describes it himself, ‘get the most out of my Bachelor's and Master's programmes at the University of Groningen’.
He has followed both the Bachelor’s and Master’s Honours programme, did a minor at the State University in New York, is active in a European marine spatial planning network, was a student assistant in Groningen and Oldenburg, a student consultant at UniPartners Groningen and is currently, during the corona lockdown, working on an assignment for the social impact-oriented Groningen agency called ‘Alexander Impact’.
Maurice has also started a research project within the broader, ministry-sponsored programme Smart Urban Regions of the Future (SURF). This should lead to him writing a Master’s thesis on the connecting role of (spatial) designers in solving multidisciplinary issues that cross national borders.
The specific project that will be assessed is part of the so-called Sigma plan, the Flemish equivalent of the Dutch ‘Room for the river’ project. Maurice hopes that this Master’s thesis research can lead to some nice publications and can be continued as PhD research.
The jury thinks this is an excellent idea and wishes him good luck in his endeavours.

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