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Marie Stadel

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences
Marie Stadel

Marie Stadel is a Research Master’s student who, as part of the University of Groningen PhD programme, has written her own project for her PhD project and has had her project acknowledged. An excellent achievement!
She graduated with an average score of 8.7 for her Bachelor's degree in Psychology, a cum laude achievement. She subsequently, as part of her student assistantship, transformed her Bachelor’s thesis into a scientific article that has now been published in an open access magazine. She is currently active, within the framework of the Junior Researcher Programme, in a number of additional research projects and more publications are being prepared or are ready to be published.
Parallel to her Bachelor's degree programme, Marie has also participated in the Honours programme. She is now completing the Behavioural and Social Sciences Research Master and her average mark so far is 8.95. She has also been orienting on a broad scientific field by attending summer schools and she has presented her results at various conferences.
In addition to these excellent results, she has worked in the faculty's methodology shop, first as an employee consulting on statistics and later as a shop coordinator. She was also a member of the Research Master's Programme Committee, in her first year as a regular member and another year as Vice-President. In that role, she was closely involved in the (positive) visitation of the Research Master. The GUF-100 award will be used to develop software for her research.
Marie is very motivated to continue the research and the jury predicts a bright future for her.

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