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Origin and international connotation

The slash in the logo is derived from the coat of arms in which diagonal bars form an important and conspicuous element. Historically, the diagonals represent the Groningen Ommelanden. From a contemporary perspective, the world might be seen as the ‘Ommelanden’ of the University of Groningen. The slash thus refers to the international context in which the University operates.

Order and progress

The slash has been in use as a punctuation mark and signifier of order since the beginning of the Christian era. For centuries, it was used to divide sentences into logical bits or to indicate a reading pause. Currently, the slash is primarily known as a signifier of order in the digital world. In the extension of the University’s new logo to a logo banner with one or two additional brand elements, the slash is also used as a signifier of order. The logo banner expresses the links between and the hierarchy of subdivisions within the organization.

The direction of the slash (an ascending line from bottom left to top right) evokes an association with progress, development and growth.

examples of the slash
examples of the slash
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