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The main subject of the image used as part of the new house style is University staff members and students in their ‘natural environment’. Depending on the medium, they will be more or less aware of the presence of the camera. People must always be photographed while they are engaged in some activity. Photographs without a human perspective (e.g. of buildings without people present) should be avoided. Preferably, the photographic style should be ‘dry’, in other words, more documentary in nature than slick fashion-style photography. Stock photos are allowed but must be selected with care; again, they should be more documentary, featuring ordinary people instead of models.


The photographs used in the new house style should be ‘real’ and unmanipulated; intriguing, different, exciting and colourful and serving the communicative purpose for which they are used. They should show people as they really are, in an honest and sincere fashion, and emphasize individual identity instead of portraying people as a symbol of a particular group.


This ‘realist’ style has obvious consequences for the selection of the people portrayed. ‘Airbrushed’ fashion models must not be used. Anyone involved in the University of Groningen may be a model – beauty resides in all of us.


The photographs should not be evidently staged but be natural and direct. The situations or surroundings shown must be taken from daily life. People must be photographed in ‘their’ environment, understood in a wide sense: among colleagues, in offices, labs, lecture rooms, outdoors, in town and so on.


Evident photographic tricks must be avoided and the lighting should be natural or have a natural feel. Images must have a high contrast and the emphasis should be on people. Excessive photoshopping must be avoided.

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