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Video clips

  • Use of the University of Groningen (UG) logo in the top left-hand corner is mandatory.
  • The use of an intro and an outro is not mandatory, but it is recommended. In the case of social media, you should use the UG logo and an outro.
  • The Open Sans font is used for video clips.
  • Use the video templates for the title screen, lower third and credits.
  • Use music in your video clip. Music is an effective way of supporting moving images. It makes the video clip more atmospheric and pleasant to watch.
  • The video clip does not always have to be of high quality. You can even shoot films with your phone. But be sure to check that the sound quality is adequate.
  • The video clip can be in English or Dutch. Always use subtitles, especially if the video clip is intended for use in social media. In those platforms, most video clips are viewed without sound. For this reason, it is advisable to always use English subtitles (even if the video clip itself is in English), to ensure that the video clip will always be suitable for the largest possible audience.
  • Try to create variety. So don’t focus purely on ‘talking heads’ to the exclusion of all else. Include sufficient ‘B roll’ (extra visual material) featuring the location, for example, or images that are related to the research in question.
  • Plan the location carefully ahead of time. Ideally, you should have a look around the location in advance to see what it has to offer. Don’t restrict yourself to the place where someone works (office). Take a look around the entire building or go outside. Ensure that the location is sufficiently well lit.
  • The video coordinator can answer any technical questions about equipment or editing, and can provide advice concerning the use of videographers from outside the UG.
Last modified:07 September 2021 10.12 a.m.
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