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Second and third branding elements

Logo bar – use of second and third branding elements  

The logo can be expanded – horizontally and vertically – by adding two extra branding elements. These always refer to organizational units. A logo bar is not the place for the names of individuals, projects, themes and event organizations.

The second branding element can be used for:

  • a faculty, service unit or other unit that reports directly to the Board of the University
  • u nits that have the Board of the University’s permission to occupy a position behind the second slash
  • a partnership (such as a research school) to which two or more faculties contribute. The boards of the faculties involved decide for themselves whether they want to do this, and jointly inform whether they support the use of a second branding element for the organizational unit in question.

The third branding element may be used for a graduate school or research institute, faculty units (e.g. basic units, facility units) or service unit departments (or sub-departments).

Logo bar expanded horizontally
Logo bar expanded vertically

A ‘grid’ of slashes is used for the brand elements. The content of the logo bar is explained below.

Please note! Abbreviations are never used in the logo bar.

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