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On this page, you can find a list of helpful resources regarding diversity and inclusion at the UG and beyond.

Code D&I

The Code D&I is a Dutch Code of Conduct for inclusion and diversity, based on the cultural sector.

Flowchart: D&I at the UG

This flowchart provides an overview of training, policy, support, and connections at the UG with regard to diversity and inclusion topics.

Inclusive Language Style Guide

This style guide provides explanations, tips and tricks on using inclusive language at the University: from the classroom and academic writing to HR and support systems. It covers gender-aware language use, identity-based language, language surrounding ability and disability, and background, nationality, ethnicity and migration. 'False friends' between Dutch and English are also covered, as well as pronoun use in the two languages.

Pure: research on D&I at the UG

This link provides an overview of all research published in Pure by UG academics that relates to diversity and inclusion topics.

Recruitment guide

The UG recruitment guide lays out principles for open, transparent, and merit-based recruitment and selection.


There are a number of D&I-related scholarships open to students. These will be added to this page as and when we are made aware of them.

KNAW: Sociale veiligheid in de Nederlandse wetenschap - van papier naar praktijk

The Royal Netherlands Academy for Arts and Sciences has produced this position paper on social safety in the Dutch academic world.

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