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Accessibilty UG buildings

Are you in a wheelchair or visually impaired? Then it is important to know how accessible the location you are going to and what facilities are available.

Physical accessibility is about the extent to which a space, building, or public facility is accessible and usable by people with various disabilities. These include people with motor, visual, hearing, or cognitive disabilities.

We have listed the accessibility and facilities of all its buildings. You can view photos of each building that show what facilities are available.

Accessibility is included in all decisions made by the Real Estate Department. For new construction, it is included in the building plans. Existing buildings will be made more accessible step-by-step in the coming years.

Finding your way

Not only should the building itself be accessible, but you should also be able to find your way around easily. In 2023, the RUG has therefore developed accessible signage in cooperation with experience experts. This will first be rolled out in a few new buildings (Röling Building and Feringa Building) and gradually in existing buildings. Accessible signage should include a readable font with sans serif, larger letters, with good color contrast and clear references and pictograms.

To find your way around a building, you can, of course, ask the doorman for help. However, it can also be nice to check in advance where you need to be and what the building you need to be in looks like. To help you find your way around our buildings faster, we have made an overview of the accessibility and facilities of all our buildings, including pictures of them. You can find these by clicking on the blue button 'Accessibility RUG buildings' below.

physical accessibility


Wheelchair-friendly toilets

Wheelchair-friendly toilets can be found in most RUG buildings. However, in the older, smaller buildings not everywhere. You can check this on the building pages.

Access with an assistance dog

Assistance dogs are welcome in the RUG buildings. Provided your dog is equipped with a clearly recognizable assistance dog harness or jacket and the dog can be identified using the KNGF pass.

Parking with a (physical) disability

The website Parking at the RUG provides more information about where to park when you have a disability.

Information Point

Please feel free to share your insights, tips, suggestions and areas of improvement for accessibility at the UG.

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