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Strategy Department of Education & Research

The Strategy Department of Education & Research (SER) assists the Board of the University, other departments and the faculties with developing and implementing strategic policy on education, innovation, quality assurance, students, research funding and internationalization of education at the UG. An important focus of the department is to support the Board and the faculties with ensuring a high level of quality of the education and optimizing every stage of the process of delivering education to UG students. All of SER's responsibilities are performed in close collaboration with its partners within and outside of the University.

Our educational vision focuses on establishing strong links between students and staff, between teaching and research and between teaching and relevant social issues in national and international contexts. We believe that talent and potential flourish most in a close-knit academic community that imparts, generates, exchanges and integrates knowledge, a community that inspires its members to develop their academic knowledge, interests and talents to the full.

The department can be separated in seven different categories, all working towards achieving the Education Goals as set out in the Strategic Plan 2015-2020. These categories are:

  • Educational Strategy
  • Institutional Quality Assurance
  • Institutional Research
  • Funding Team (Research Funding)
  • Assistance of Advisory Committees, Faculties and Departments
  • Educational Innovation
  • Public Education

For more information about what our department does, you can find more details on the infonet of the University of Groningen

Contact Details

Postal address University of Groningen
Strategy Department of Education & Research
P.O. Box 72
9700 AB Groningen

Contact Details Secretariat SER

Nienke van Rhee

Nienke van Rhee

050 36 35133 / 06 216 243 70

Visiting address

Broerstraat 5
9712 CP Groningen


Overview of Staff Strategy Department of Education & Research

Below you can find an overview of all employees working at the Strategic Department of Education & Research. More detailed information is available on the profile pages of the UG. This can also be found by clicking on the name of the employee in the list.

Staff Member Position Dossier
Arends, Geert-Jan Sr. Consultant General Advice European Grants
Coordinator LEAR H2020
Coordinator Authorized Organization Representative NIH Grants USA
Coordinator Authorized Approver, Wellcome Trust UK
Chairman Faculty Funding Officers Network
Coordinator Grants Week
Policy Advisor Accomplish Project
Advisor Advisory Board Carbohydrate Competence Center
Bakker, Selma Project Manager Winter and Summer Schools
Bakker, Winny Sr. Policy Advisor Education & Innovation
Secretary COS
Policy Advisor Teaching Academy
Brandt, Alicia Coordinator Young Academy Groningen
Coordinator Groningen Graduate School
Policy Advisor PhD Council Network
Administrator PhD Website
Policy Advisor KVI-CART Explanatory Group
Constandse, Arthur Policy Advisor Education Policy
Policy Advisor Quality Assurance
Policy Advisor Student Affairs
Eisema, Maarten Policy Advisor Research Data Management Protocol
Liaison Officer Healthy Ageing, Sustainable Society & Energy
Coordinator The Guild
Ganzeveld, Ineke Director Research SER
Secretary Committee of Research Strategy
Grgic, Tanja Policy Advisor Institutional Research
Coordinator Evaluations National Student- and Alumni Survey
Policy Advisor Career Services
Policy Advisor KEI & USVA
Haines, Kevin Sr. Curriculum Developer International Classroom
Academic Coordinator EQUiiP
van den Hende, Franka Sr. Policy Advisor and PhD researcher Internationalisation of education
Language and Accessibility
van de Kamp, Jasper Policy Advisor Student Policy
Policy Advisor Educational Policy
Policy Advisor Institutional Research
Administrator SER Website
Klein-Nagelvoort, Rutger Director Education SER
Advisor Honours College
Project Manager Learning Communities
Koopmans, Marjan Policy Advisor PhD Policies & Graduate Schools
Accountmanager DGS
Project Manager Education Promotion Programmes
Policy Advisor Taskgroup HR Excellence Logo
Kootstra, Dik Policy Advisor Pre University Academy
Meijer, Charissa Sr. Policy Advisor Quality Assurance
Coordinator Institutional Audit
Meissner, Catherine Curriculum Developer EQUIPPING International Classroom
Ocana, Gema Sr. Policy Advisor EU H2020
Policy Advisor European Grants
Otten, Robert Project Controller Development Cooperation
Project Controller European Subsidies
Ranitovic, Ana Co-Manager Research Analytics Alliance
Manager RAA Societal Impact
Policy Advisor Research Analysis
Reitsma, Sieuwke Policy Advisor Institutional Research
Policy Advisor Teacher Professionalization
van Rooij, Jules Coordinator Quality Assurance Research (SEP, GRAP, UC)
Coordinator Institutional Research (Research)
Policy Advisor Research Intelligence (SciVal, InCites, Dimensions, Google Scholar, THE-Data+)
Policy Advisor Data-accumulation KUOZ, Quality- and Societal Impact indicators
Policy Advisor Benchmarking, Rankings
Secretary UCW
Santing, Carina Policy Advisor Quality Assurance (Institutional Audit)
Secretary UCO
Schuster-Koster, Anke Accountmanager KVI-CART, FWB, FSE
Liaison Officer NIDI
Policy Advisor Policy Personal Grants
Coordinator Talent Development
Policy Advisor Fleet Review
Policy Advisor Nominations Prizes & Memberships
Chairman Thematic Intervision Group Innovation
Organizer Research Lunch
Siccama, Marloes Project Manager Language and Culture Policy
Warmelink, Anita Coordinator Pre-University Academy

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