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Student Service & Administration

The departments Student Service Centre and Student Information and Administration (part of University Services) assists the Board of the University and the faculties with the task of offering students guidance at university level (student counsellors, trainers, psychologists), all matters relating to admissions, registration and deregistration and for providing information to students.

The department is divided into the following sub-departments:

  • Student Service Centre, Uurwerkersgang 10
  • Student Information and Administration

Student Service Centre

The Student Service Centre is the University’s expertise centre for student guidance and supervision. Student counsellors, student psychologists and trainers talk to and advise students with complex personal problems, coach them and provide short-term counselling, training courses and workshops aimed at enhancing academic skills and personal development. The SSC also uses its expertise to support the student advisors in the programme departments.

Postal address Visiting address

University of Groningen
P.O Box 72
9700 AB Groningen
The Netherlands

Uurwerkersgang 10

E: ssc-info
Tel. +31 50 363 8066

Student Information and Administration

This sub-department is responsible for:

  • Processing registration and deregistration applications, and certificates and diplomas
  • Central Student Administration
  • International Service Desk
  • PhDs
  • Administering grants for internationalization and exchanges
  • Admissions

Contact details of the Student Information & Administration

Postal address Visiting address

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen,
Student Information & Administration
P.O Box 72
9700 AB  Groningen

Academy Building on the first floor (building 1112, Broerstraat 5)

Tel. +31 50 363 8004

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