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ENLIGHT Impact Awards 2024

Three UG nominees, two UG awardees and therefore ENLIGHT Impact Ambassadors 2024
13 June 2024

On the 11th of June, the second edition of the ENLIGHT Impact Awards took place in Bilbao. These awards are meant to recognize exemplary research projects that have a great potential for planning and achieving impact.  The University of Groningen contributed with three nominations: 

  • Invi Bracelet: a nonviolent self-defense tool against (sexual) violence, presented by Charmaine Borg from the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences 

  • Enhancing National and Cross-Border Security: Automatic detection of Face Morphing Attacks, presented by George Azzopardi from the Faculty of Science and Engineering  

  • Michi Noeki as social infrastructure: a rest stop in the neighborhood, presented by Sander van Lanen from the Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Additionally, the participants who came from ENLIGHT partner universities as well as other universities from European University Alliances, attended and engaged in the panel discussion “Towards Impact: The role of European University Alliances” and actively contributed to the workshop to reflect on “What makes research impact so challenging? What can we do to address these challenges?”. In the following session, which was dedicated to “Bringing theory into practice”, the sixteen nominees from the ENLIGHT Universities showcased their nominated impactful projects. 

The awarded ENLIGHT Impact projects were announced at the end of the event, each of them becoming an ENLIGHT Impact Ambassador.

Words from the nominees

Charmaine Borg - Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences-

Project nominated: Invi Bracelet: a nonviolent self-defense tool against (sexual) violence.

“Attending the ENLIGHT Research Impact event was a relevant experience for me. It allowed me to connect with individuals from diverse countries and fields, and various academic levels, all sharing a like-minded approach to the importance of societal impact. We acknowledge that we are funded by society, and it is our responsibility to give back to society, engage with the media, and conduct work that benefits the community. This event, including the workshop, has inspired me to consider the impact of my research ideas from the very beginning, fueling my excitement and motivation.”

George Azzopardi -FSE & Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI-

ENLIGHT Impact Ambassador 2024

Project nominated and awarded: Enhancing National and Cross-Border Security: Automatic detection of Face Morphing Attacks

“I am very happy to receive the ENLIGHT Impact Award. It is truly an honor to have our work recognized by such a prestigious alliance. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my postdoc, Guru Bennabhaktula, and my collaborators, Bas Timmermans and Kyra Bekman, from RDW (Dutch Driving Authority), which is financing our research project. Additionally, I want to thank the ENLIGHT team for the wonderful event. For me, making an impact with research for the benefit of society is very motivating. ”

Sander van Lanen -Faculty of Spatial Sciences-

ENLIGHT Impact Ambassador 2024

Project nominated and awarded: Michi Noeki as social infrastructure: a rest stop in the neighborhood

“The ENLIGHT impact event is an inspiring event because you see what impact looks like, and how it is achieved, in all its diversity; in different disciplines, for different stakeholders, and in different places. I am proud of the Michi Noeki project and our team's efforts are recognised amidst so many inspiring projects.

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