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Webinar series: Discussing diversity, inclusion and racism - part 3

Wanneer:di 07-12-2021 13:00 - 14:30
Webinar series

Reflecting diversity globally – Imageries of the Global South (Göttingen University)

The webinar aims at a critical reflection on the imageries that we use in our work in an international context to represent people and countries of the Global South. We want to equip the participants with tools for dismantling stereotypical narratives and images and provide them with ideas of adequate representations in a post-colonial context. We therefore will look especially at racist stereotyping in images of Asia, Africa or Latin America.

The webinar series Discussing diversity, inclusion and racism provides an interactive platform to discuss and exchange best practices and develop initiatives that foster diversity and encourage global citizenship.The sessions are open to staff and students of all ENLIGHT partners as well as their respective local communities.