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Tasks & projects


Meetings of the Board

Weekly I am present during the meetings of the Board. Every Monday the meeting takes place with the heads of the different departments of the UG. The following business is discussed: means, research & education, communication, fundraising, HR, and governance. As student assessor, I have insight in all dossiers, also when they are confidential.

Administrative meetings

Twice a year the Board of the University meets with the Boards of the faculties and services and with the deans of projects. These meetings are very important to stay informed on matters within the faculties and services. Apart from myself, the assessors of the regarding faculties also take part in the administrative meetings.

Steering groups and committees

The Student Assessor takes part in different steering groups and advisory committees.

Steering group youth housing

The participants of this steering group are the Board of the UG, Hanzehogeschool, the City Council Member, and management of housing corporations (Huismeesters, SSH, Lefier).

Advisory Committee for student with a Performance Disability

This committee evaluates and advises on policy concerning students with a disability.

Committee Educational Strategy (COS)

This committee consists of the Rector Magnificus and the education directors of the faculties, together with the management of CIT and the head of Educational Strategy and Quality Assurance. The COS is an advisory entity meant to deepen and support the Committee of Deans.

University Committee for Education (UCO)

The University Committee for Education is an independent advisory committee of the Board of the University. The committee advises the Board of the University on educational matters within the UG, both on request and independently. For this, the Board of the University invites the committee at an early stage to join them in considering important (new) issues in educational policy. Moreover, the committee plays a role in the monitoring and evaluation of policies. Lastly, the committee monitors the quality of education.

University Committee for Academic Practice (UCW)

The committee is an independent advisory committee and advises the Board of the University on matters concerning academic practice within the UG, both on request and independently.

Meeting Entrepreneurship

Monthly meeting with amongst others Jan de Jeu and Aard Groen (dean entrepreneurship) about the progress of the University of Groningen Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Working group extracurricular activities

Together with Career services, Usva and the department of student affairs, we search for better ways to inform students on extracurricular activities.

Steering group Aletta Jacobshal

Together with the department Property and Investment Projects, we discuss the development of the expansion of the Aletta Jacobshal.


As student assessor, I have a lot of contact with students in order to be able to represent them within the Board of the University and to keep them informed on important matters within the University of Groningen.

Specifically, these are the umbrella organizations (ACLO, ESN, KEI, Usva, Contractus, FVOG, SKLO), the study associations, the student associations and the student organizations. Furthermore, I have contact with the international organizations through the Groninger International Student Platform.

Committee of Assessors

Weekly I meet with the assessors of the faculties and the CIT. During these meetings, we keep each other informed on important matters within the different entities of the University of Groningen.


Working group RUG/UG app

Together with the SOG, Lijst Calimero and the assessor of CIT we look into the need and possibilities of developing a UG app for students.

Working group information services students

Together with the SOG, Lijst Calimero, CUOS and ESN we look into possibilities for better communication of information about the UG to students.

Working group internationalization on the long-term

Together with the SOG, Lijst Calimero, ACLO, ESN, Usva and students of the faculties Spatial Sciences, Science & Engineering, Medical Sciences and Behavioural Social Sciences, we think about the realization of the policy on internationalization on the long-term and possibilities for students.

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