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Tasks & projects


Board of the University meetings

The board of the University has a weekly meeting on Tuesdays, which is always attended by the studentassessor, Bureau director, HR director, head ABJZ and head of communication. The meetings are divided in three parts; Education & research, funds and strategic affairs. The studentassessor is allowed to view all the documents even if they are confidential and has the right to ask questions about them.

Administrative meetings

Twice a year the Board of the University meets with the Boards of the faculties and services and with the deans of projects. These meetings are very important to stay informed on matters within the faculties and services. Apart from the Studentassessor CvB, the assessors of the regarding faculties also take part in the administrative meetings.

Steering group youth housing

The participants of this steering group are the Board of the UG, Hanzehogeschool, the City Council Member, and management of housing corporations (Huismeesters, SSH, Lefier).

Committee Educational Strategy (COS)

The committee Educational Strategy consists of education directors of the faculties and the director of the CIT and head Educational strategy and Quality Assurance.

University Committee for Education (UCO)

The University Committee for Education is an independent advisory committee of the Board of the University. The committee advises the Board of the University on educational matters within the UG, both on request and independently. For this, the Board of the University invites the committee at an early stage to join them in considering important (new) issues in educational policy. Moreover, the committee plays a role in the monitoring and evaluation of policies. Lastly, the committee monitors the quality of education.

University Committee for Academic Practice (UCW)

The committee is an independent advisory committee and advises the Board of the University on matters concerning academic practice within the UG, both on request and independently.


Since 2020 the UG takes part in the European alliance network with nine universities called ENLIGHT. The Studentassessor is the face of the UG within the ENLIGHT student network. Next to that the Studentassessor is also involved in the student network of the U4S, together with the university of Uppsala, Göttingen, Gent en Tartu.

University council

The Studentassessor attends all the commission and plenary meetings of the university council. Keeps in contact with the student representatives and supports where necessary.

Advisory Committee Functional impaired Students (ACF)

The committee for Functional Impaired students reviews the current policy regarding functional impaired students and advices the CvB on new policies.

Top meeting

The Top meetings are lead by CUOS and attended by all university council student factions, KEI, ACLO, Usva, ESN, GSb en de Studentassessor.

Groningen International Student Platform (GISP)

The GISP meetings are attend by all foreign focused student organizations to share experiences and advice on how the university can support them.

Committee of Assessors (CvA)

All the assessors of the faculties and the CvB meet weekly to discuss current topics and update each other on important matters. Furthermore the meetings are used to support each other in tasks.


The Studentassessor has a lot of contact with students in order to represent them within the Board of the University and to keep them informed as much as possible on important matters. Next to associations and umbrella organizations the Studentassessor also contacts other assessors within the country.


Corona Crisis Team (CCT)

Since the start of the pandemic the Studentassessor is involved in the CCT. The CCT advices the CvB on Corona related measures.

Future of the learning environment (FLE)

The Studentassessor is involved in the FLE, which has as task to find and implement a successor for blackboard.

Groningen Together

Groningen Together is a yearly recurring event in which the Studentassessor takes part.

Social cohesion (OB18)

Due the Corona pandemic social cohesion has become a lot harder for students. That’s why the UG has created a physical meeting space in which the Studentassessor is involved.

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