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Streetfront project nominated for Ben Feringa Impact Award

31 January 2023
Book Cover
Book Cover

Students involved in the writing of a book about Streetfront got a nomination for the Ben Feringa Impact Award.

Troubled youth get back on track by running marathons. University of Groningen student Ryan Bolt co-wrote a book about Streetfront, a special school in Vancouver that gets young people back on the track through running

This book stems off of a UG summer school led by UCG's Bettina van Hoven.

More on this on Dagblad van het Noorden.

More about the project

‘Run for your life,’ could have been the subtitle of the book Streetfront. The real subtitle is ‘Tales about perseverance, resilience and running in Downtown Eastside.’ Running is an important part of the curriculum in Streetfront, and it changes lives. The school has the largest community of High School Marathon runners in Canada. However, the running is not an aim but a means to an end. The book Streetfront tells the story of this unusual school and its students. They grow up in a disadvantaged neighbourhood and what they learn from running gives them a chance in life.

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