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New video on the Once Upon a Time project

27 May 2019

The Once Upon a Time project asked students to consider how children’s stories can be used to counter negative stereotypes and dysfunctional norms.

Races that are non-dominant are often just missing from children's books, and when they are represented they are represented in extremely stereotypical ways. The consequence of this is that children who are from dominant races never really get exposed to non-dominant races via children's books so that can lead to the development of mild prejudices. Our project is trying to address these kinds of problems.

The project produced a series of children’s stories to counter some of the more destructive narratives in existing children’s literature.

Supervisors of this project are dr. Maria Ioannou and dr. Theisje van Dorsten.

Last modified:27 May 2019 10.26 a.m.

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