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LAS Cast

Podcast of the Liberal Arts and Sciences
06 April 2021

Exciting news from a group of students at UCG!

They came up with a totally new podcast. The topics? All UCG related! Do you want to learn more about the LAS program, about University College Groningen and student life? Then this is the right place for you. This podcast will introduce all relevant topics to you in a pleasant and relatable manner. Our students will make you feel right at home!

Let's read their value proposition:

"We are a group of students from UCG who bring you an interdisciplinary perspective on various topics of interest and show you what it means to study Liberal Arts & Sciences.

We bring you inspirational and thought-provoking ideas - from sciency stuff all the way to the arts!

Join us on our quest to discover what it means to think differently…"

Don't miss their first two episodes and give them a follow!

Here the topics of the first episodes:

#1 LAS Cast - Characteristics of Liberal Arts and Scienes (LAS) & Groningen with Dr. Elizabeth Mix

In this episode Aaron talks with Dr. Elizabeth Mix, head of student affairs and support staff at the University College Groningen. Together they discuss the characteristics of the Liberal Arts & Sciences program (LAS) and the curriculum of LAS in Groningen!

#2 LAS Cast/FutUra - Arts in health care with Dr. Ferdinand Lewis

This episode was made in collaboration with our partner committee "futUra" and is brought to you as an interview. In this episode Tilman and Sybe talk with Ferdinand Lewis, a teacher at UCG who has an interdisciplinary doctorate in Policy, Planning & Development from the University of Southern California. Ferdinand talks with us about his interest and his vision in Arts in health care!

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