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Groningen Virtual Tour

24 August 2021

Our students at UCG are required to work on interdisciplinary projects throughout their bachelor studies. Projects are a special type of course in which students are curiosity-driven scholars. In projects, students collaborate with faculty and experts to tackle real-world issues.

During Academic Year 2020-2021, one of the first year projects was themed 'Mapping the Generous City'.

The abstract of the Project:

What makes a city generous? To answer this, we will explore the city using a variety of qualitative research methods: ethnographic and observational but also design and art-based techniques such as deep mapping.
How are various city spaces used - or not used - by different groups of people? How has the use of spaces been affected by the Covid pandemic? Students will also relate their own experiences of the city, from their own backgrounds and cultural identities.
The goal will be to conceptualise a more generous city in the post-Covid world, and present your work in the format of a documentary, video report, visual atlas or similar creative outcome.

The output of one of student teams was titled 'The Creative City'.

The team made an interactive virtual tour of Groningen.

Their aim was to introduce the city to new students who are coming to study in Groningen with a funny approach. The tour consists of a historical path and an art path which you will be able to choose based on the videos.

Their hope is that the tour provides you with insights to help you settle in the city.

Take this virtual tour now!

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