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Graduation Week UCG Class of 2017

14 juli 2017

After months of preparation, it was finally time for the Graduation Ceremonyof the Class of 2017. Our first graduating class at UCG ever! The week prior to the ceremony consisted of all sorts activities ranging from a gala, to a pubquiz and kayaking. There was also a community dinner for the Class of 2017 and UCG staff. We all prepared the food together an enjoyed this in the backyard of our campus. The graduation week ended with the graduation ceremony. Three students of the Class of 2017 performed, the tutors shared their memories of their students and the students of the Class of 2017 signed their diplomas. It was an amazing week that we will never forget!

One of the graduating students, Marieke, wrote a blogpost about the graduation week for the Student Blog. Read the entire blogpost here.

Graduation Class of 2017
Graduation Class of 2017
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